Postmatic Stamp Affixing Attachments

Postmatic Stamp Affixing Attachments work in conjunction with any of our Inline Stamping Bases providing a proven solution for high speed, high volume stamp affixing inline with inserters, ink jets systems, labelers or off-line as stand alone.

The Stamp Affixers will apply stamps from coils of 3,000 or 10,000 at speeds up to 18,000 per hour. Installation is fast and easy. Simply place stamp affixer on the host machine and you’re affixing postage stamps as fast as that machine will run.

The Model 6000SA or Model 7000SA Stamp Affixer will drop right onto any of our Inline Stamping Bases with no modifications or alterations. This combination works well with high speed inserters, ink-jet systems, labelers or tabbers. Eliminates the extra steps of rewinding stamp coils or additional, costly steps when applying stamps with tabbers.

Inline Stamping Base w/Model 6000SA

Our most popular combination for High Speed Inline Stamp Affixing.

Features & Benefits


Versatile – Affix postage stamps either inline with inserting equipment, ink jet systems, labelers or off-line as stand alone
Reliable – Heavy Vacuum Belt Transport Technology and
Precision Gear Drive Electronics for fast and accurate stamp affixing
Transport speeds to 330 feet per minute
Cycle speeds in excess of 18,000 pieces per hour
Accommodates new or used Postmatic Model 6000SA or Model 7000SA Stamp Affixing Attachments
Can be used with almost any high speed inserter, ink jet, labeler or tabber


Easy to use – No special skills required to operate or maintain
Affordable – Moderate initial cost and high production capability accelerates ROI
Fast – Affix postage stamps at speeds to 18,000 per hour
duty construction provides 24/7 trouble free operation

Accessories & Attachments

Postmatic offers a selection of Adjustable tables, Feeder stands, Monitor & Keyboard mounts , caster sets, and, catch trays to accommodate your equipment needs.

Adjustable Table – We offer a completely adjustable table with shelf to fit either your standard size or extended size base.
Caster Kit – Fully customize your Adjustable Table with a caster kit for ease of mobility.
Feeder Stand – Feeder stand for offline operation of your Postmatic Inline Bases.
Catch Tray – Envelope catch tray.
Chassis Mount Feeder Stand – Equip your base with a chassis mount feeder system for stand-alone versatility. (Only available for 10 x 13 models)
Print One – Fixed Image Printing System- Integrate our 1′” fixed-image printer to your Inline Vacuum Base for easy and affordable static printing. See the Postmatic Inline Stamping Base-Print One for more details!


ISB – Standard: 16″ L x 18″ W x 8.75″ H
Speeds: Low – 240 fpm (appx 15,000 # 10’s p/hr), High – 340 fpm (excess of 18,000 p/hr)
Max Size:  7″ W x 14″L
Stamps per cycle: One
Placement: Adjustable from leading edge of envelope
115 VAC / 60hz



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