Postmatic Inline Vacuum Base 10 x 13 48″

With 48″ of secure vacuum transport ready for any combination of peripheral equipment you wish to outfit it with. Featuring a Higher Volume Vacuum Blower to keep your piece secure throughout transport and a 90VDC Gear Drive Motor with variable speeds allowing you to produce at speeds up to 500 feet per minute.

Available in configurations for left-to-right or right-to-left direction of travel.

Features & Benefits

Heavy Duty Construction – Manufactured with high quality materials
Affordable – Moderate initial cost and high production capability accelerates ROI
Fast – Variable speed from 0 to 500 feet per minute
Versatile – Can be used with many different applications like cameras, labelers and others
Compact – Small design makes it easy for integration to almost any application

Accessories & Attachments

Postmatic offers a selection of Adjustable tables, Feeder stands, Monitor & Keyboard mounts , caster sets, and, catch trays to accommodate your equipment needs.

Adjustable Table – We offer a completely adjustable table with shelf to fit either your standard size or extended size base.
Caster Kit – Fully customize your Adjustable Table with a caster kit for ease of mobility.
Feeder Stand – Feeder stand for offline operation of your Postmatic Inline Bases.
Catch Tray – Envelope catch tray.
Chassis Mount Feeder Stand – Equip your base with a chassis mount feeder system for stand-alone versatility. (Only available for 10 x 13 models)
Print One – Fixed Image Printing System – Integrate our 1″ fixed-image printer to your Inline Vacuum Base for easy and affordable static printing. See the Postmatic Inline Stamping Base-Print One for more details!


Variable Speed DC drive provides speeds up to 500 feet per minute.
IVB 10 x 13 48″: 48″L x 18″D x 14″H
115 VAC / 60hz

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