Postmatic Inline Vacuum Base 10 x 13 16″

The Postmatic Inline Vacuum Base 10—13-Standard is a compact, high volume vacuum transport base specifically designed to be used with camera systems, label applicators or other peripheral equipment.

Fully self-contained with high volume blower to provide constant control of the piece as it passes through. Variable Speed DC drive provides speeds up to 500 feet per minute. Manufactured using high quality materials, sealed ball bearings and precision electronic control.

Use in conjunction with our Print One Inkjet System for an economical static printing solution.

Transport Configuration available to feed Left to Right and Right to Left.

Features & Benefits

Heavy Duty Construction – Manufactured with high quality materials
Affordable – Moderate initial cost and high production capability accelerates ROI
Fast – Variable speed from 0 to 500 feet per minute
Versatile – Can be used with many different applications like cameras, labelers and others
Compact – Small design makes it easy for integration to almost any application

Accessories & Attachments

Postmatic offers a selection of Adjustable tables, Feeder stands, Monitor & Keyboard mounts , caster sets, and, catch trays to accommodate your equipment needs.

Adjustable Table – We offer a completely adjustable table with shelf to fit either your standard size or extended size base.
Caster Kit – Fully customize your Adjustable Table with a caster kit for ease of mobility.
Feeder Stand – Feeder stand for offline operation of your Postmatic Inline Bases.
Catch Tray – Envelope catch tray.
Chassis Mount Feeder Stand – Equip your base with a chassis mount feeder system for stand-alone versatility. (Only available for 10 x 13 models)
Print One – Fixed Image Printing System – Integrate our 1″ fixed-image printer to your Inline Vacuum Base for easy and affordable static printing. See the Postmatic Inline Stamping Base-Print One for more details!


Variable Speed DC drive provides speeds up to 500 feet per minute.
IVB 10 x 13 16″: 16″ L x 18″ W x 14″ H
115 VAC / 60hz

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