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Refurbishment Program

Take advantage of Postmatic’s refurbishment program.  Send us your current Postmatic equipment in its present working or non-working state and we will refurbish your equipment to like new mechanical condition.  We will inspect and offer a preliminary diagnosis and estimate for your approval. Don’t wait until your equipment stops working; send it in for a thorough preventive maintenance operation today.



Commonly Asked Questions

  • Does the stamp affixer accept 3,000 & 10,000 coil stamps?

    Yes, will hold coils of 3,000 or 10,000.

  • Can I use it with a Flowmaster inserter?


  • Can I use it with a swing-arm inserter?

    Yes, Can be used inline with almost any transport configuration including Ink-Jets, CMC, WD Inserting systems and others.

  • Can I use this equipment ‘offline’ as a “Stand Alone System”?

     Yes, it can be configured as a Table Top, Stand-Alone system.  A Friction Feeder and an output catch tray or conveyor will be required all of which can be purchased from Postmatic.

  • Will this seal my envelopes?

     No, the ISB will not seal envelopes.  We offer the EFSPro Envelope Feeder/Sealer as an input that will feed and seal envelopes.

  • What size are they / How much room?

     Our equipment is designed in a compact manner to save valuable production space and offer easy integration into existing mailroom configurations.

  • Does it come with a table?

    No.  We offer a heavy-duty, adjustable stand built exclusively to accommodate our bases or a standard meter base stand will work.

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