Seal-Tight Concentrate

Seal-Tight Concentrate

The Most Cost Effective High-Performance Solution to Sealing Envelopes Tight

Seal-Tight Concentrate is the most cost effective solution to solving troubled envelopes sealing issues.  Whether high speed inserting, envelope sealing, stamp affixing or packaging tape dispensing, Seal-Tight Concentrate seals tight every time.

When mixed with water, Seal-Tight Concentrate will activate any water activated glue adhesion to ensure positive sealing and speeds dry time for quicker handling.  A combination of active ingredients fight bacteria and algae growth providing a cleaner, more productive moistening system.

  • Very cost effective sealing solution
  • Speeds glue activation
  • Speeds dry time for quicker handling
  • Eliminates algae & bacteria growth
  • Increase production a clean sealing system
  • Concentrated to save money on shipping
  • Available in convenient sized containers
  • Always in sock for immediate delivery

Five Convenient Sizes Available

GHS Safety Data Sheet (pdf)

Convenient 9 Pack

Part # 6006:  9 Pak Seal-Tight Conc/Blue
Each bottle pre-measured to make
one gallon of High Performance Sealing Solution

Half Gallon Container

Part # 6011:  ½ Gallon Seal-Tight Conc/Blue
Makes 16 Gallons of High Performance Sealing Solution

One Gallon Container

Part # 6016:  1 Gallon Seal-Tight Conc/Blue
Makes 32 Gallons High Performance Sealing Solution

Five Gallon Container

Part # 6021:  5 Gallon Seal-Tight Conc/Blue
Makes 160 Gallons High Performance Sealing Solution

Fifteen Gallon Container

Part # 6026:  15 Gallon Seal-Tight Conc/Blue
Makes 480 Gallons High Performance Sealing Solution

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