Seal-Tight Concentrate

The Most Cost-Effective, High-Performance Solution to Sealing Envelopes Tight. If You’re Using Any Other Sealing Solution You’re Paying Too Much!!!

Seal-Tight Concentrate

With a mixing ratio of 4 oz Seal-Tight Concentrate to a gallon of water, Seal-Tight Concentrate will activate any water activated glue adhesion to ensure positive sealing and speeds dry time for quicker handling. A combination of active ingredients fights bacteria and algae growth providing a cleaner, more productive moistening system. Concentrated to save shipping costs compared to Pre-mixed solutions. Water is cheap but shipping is expensive.

  • Very cost effective sealing solution
  • Speeds glue activation
  • Speeds dry time for quicker handling
  • Eliminates algae & bacteria growth
  • Increase production with a clean sealing system
  • Concentrated to save money on shipping
  • Available in convenient sized containers
  • Always in stock for immediate delivery

GHS Safety Data Sheet

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