Inline Stamping Bases

Inline Stamping Bases

High volume, high speed postage stamp affixing bases for precise stamp affixing

The Postmatic High Speed, High Volume Inline Stamping Bases are designed to replace the Pitney Bowes R-150 and the Ascom Hasler Inline mailing machines. Features include Vacuum Belt Transport Technology and Precision Gear Drive Electronics for fast and accurate stamp affixing. With transport speeds to 330 feet per minute and cycle speeds in excess of 18,000 pieces per hour, it can be used with almost any high speed inserter, ink jet, labeler or tabber. Used with a friction feeder makes this unit a very affordable high speed alternative to using tabbers for off-line stamp affixers.

  • Easy to use – No special skills required to operate or maintain
  • Affordable – Moderate initial cost and high production capability accelerates ROI
  • Fast – Affix postage stamps at speeds to 18,000 per hour
  • Versatile – Affix postage stamps either inline with inserting equipment, ink jet systems, labelers or off-line as stand alone
  • Reliable – Heavy duty construction provides 24/7 trouble free operation

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Postmatic Inline Stamping Base-Standard

Designed with the same identical foot print as a Pitney Bowes or Ascom Hasler inline mailing machine.  Drops right in place with no modifications or alterations.  Bases are available to accommodate new or used Postmatic Model 6000SA or Model 7000SA Stamp Affixing Attachments.  Cycling speeds over 18,000 per hour. Shown with optional Model 6000SA and Adjustable Table Assembly.
Inline Stamping Base Standard M6 Parts Manual.pdf
Inline Stamping Base Standard M7 Parts Manual.pdf


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Postmatic Inline Stamping Base-Extended

The Inline Stamping Base-Extended is 28” longer than the standard base and will accommodate ink jet systems, cameras, labelers or other peripheral equipment.  The Extended Base is perfect for Read & Print Systems used on inserting equipment.  Shown with optional Model 6000SA, Adjustable Table Assembly, Monitor & Key Board Stand and Cross Bar for mounting  ink jet print head.


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Postmatic Inline Stamping Base-Print One

The Inline Stamping Base-Print One is the complete package to affixing stamps and printing “mailer’s Precancelled Permit, affixing stamps only or static printing only. The extension has the Print One Fixed Image Ink Jet Print System and is a very cost effective solution  for static printing text messages, permits, indicia’s, date stamping, barcodes, etc.  Using standard HP ink jet cartridges, printing is made easier and more affordable than ever.  Comes with software to create and down load your information.  Shown with optional Model 6000SA and Adjustable Table Assembly.


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Postmatic Dual Head Stamping Base

The Inline Dual Head Stamping Base will accommodate two (2) Model 6000SA Stamp Affixing Attachments and will affix one or two stamps in a single pass.  One stamp affixer can be set up with one denomination and the second stamp affixer with another denomination.  Simply turn one stamper on and the stamper off.  Or have them both on and affix two stamps.  Uses only one vacuum pump.  Shown with optional Adjustable Table Assembly.

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