The Postmatic Inline Divert Base 36” is a compact and economical solution to diverting when controlled from a host control device.  These fully self-contained units are manufactured with the same rugged design as our Inline Stamping Base and Inline Vacuum Base with a Divert Gate actuated by Dry Contacts. The electronically-actuated gate can be integrated with many divert-control systems.

Postmatic Inline Divert Base 36”

  • features & benefits


    • Heavy Duty Construction – Manufactured with high quality materials
    • Affordable – Moderate initial cost and high production capability accelerates ROI
    • Fast – Variable speed from 0 to 500 feet per minute
    • Versatile – Can be used with many different applications like cameras, labelers and others
    • Compact – Small design makes it easy for integration to almost any application
    •  Variable Speed DC drive
    •  Sealed ball-bearings
    •  Precision electronic control our Inline Divert Bases
    • Strength to hold up to the demanding rigors of 24/7 operation.
    • An electronically-actuated gate that can be integrated with many divert-control systems currently available.

    Postmatic offers a selection of Adjustable tables, Feeder stands, Monitor & Keyboard mounts , caster sets, and, catch trays to accommodate your equipment needs.


    • Adjustable Table – We offer a completely adjustable table with shelf to fit either your standard size or extended size base.
    • Caster Kit – Fully customize your Adjustable Table with a caster kit for ease of mobility.
    • Monitor / Keyboard Stand – Complete Upright w/ Monitor & Keyboard Mount. (Not available for Inline Stamping Base – Std.)
    • Feeder Stand – Feeder stand for offline operation of your Postmatic Inline Bases.
    • Chassis Mount Feeder Stand – Equip your base with a chassis mount feeder system for stand-alone versatility. (Only available for 10 x 13 models)
    • Catch Tray – Envelope catch tray.
  • specifications


    • IDB -36”L x 18”W x 14”H
    • 115 VAC / 60hz
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